Race Description

Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra-Run *50 Mile Mtn Bike *50 Mile Run *50 K Run *Team Relay *Free Kids Fun Race!! Ascutney Mountain Resort, Brownsville VT. The race happens every year the last Sunday in September! Race proceeds benefit Vermont Adaptive.


Vermont 50's – Frequently Asked Questions

updated Sept. 20, 2016

Runner Questions: ASK ZEKE

Biker Questions: ASK MIKE

Most asked questions
Can I get a Map of the Race Course?
NO, and please if you've found one online DO NOT use it. Most of our race goes over Private Property. The landowners grant us ONE DAY USE of their land for Sunday, Race Day ONLY. If people pre-run or ride the course the landowners will withdraw their consent to use their land and our race will change dramatically or go away all together. So PLEASE DO NOT PRE-RUN or RIDE THIS COURSE.

If you'd like to train on similar terrain-Check out: http://ascutneytrails.com/ and http://www.stabvt.org/ They can fix you up with some challenging trails.

When do I get my Bib number?
At Saturday Registration Packet Pickup
Your registration packets are available on Saturday, of race weekend, noon to 8:00 p.m..

Participants must pick up their own registration packets.

Photo ID is required to pick up packets.


Is there Live timing during the race?
Unfortunately, no. Our cell and internet service is spotty at best making it difficult to upload the racers info live. Hopefully sometime in the near future.

Race Location Questions:

How do I get to Ascutney Mountain where the race takes place?
Directions and Parking
Coming South on I-91, Ascutney Mountain Resort is 10 miles from Exit 9. Take Route 5 South 4 mi. into Windsor town center, then right onto Route 44. Stay on 44 for 5.5 miles (includes two 90 degree turns), and Ascutney Resort entrance is on the left.

Coming North on I-91, Ascutney Mountain Resort is 6 miles from Exit 8. Take Route 5 North one+ mile and bear left onto Route 44A. At the end go left on Route 44. The Resort entrance is 2 miles ahead on the left.

On the entrance road go straight up the hill until you see the Base Lodge on your left and the Parking lot on your right. Do NOT take the first right.

Please walk down to the Big Tent to pick up your race packet.

Note: A parking pass is not needed for the parking lot, but it will be required for parking at a Handler or Crew Station on race day. Passes are available at the Information Desk in the big tent. Please know your license plate number.

Google Map to Vermont 50 Registration Tent and Start/Finish.

Where Can I park when I get to Ascutney Mountain?
Please park at the base lodge (and other designated spots only) and walk or bike down to the BIG TENT in the Cunningham lot (look for signs). Please use parking lots only for parking!!
If you park on the grass you will be towed!

I'm traveling in a RV, where do I park?
You will need to park at a camp ground equipped to accommodate RVs. RVs are just too big for our parking areas. RVs will not be allowed in our race parking spaces AT ALL during the race weekend.

Please make arrangements to arrive for packet pick up Saturday and the race on Sunday without your RV.

General Race Information:
The Vermont 50 Race Registration opens on May 25, for each race year, at 7 p.m. ET.

We do not use a waiting list
No Walk Up Registration
No Registration on Race Day
No Transferring of Race Registrations
Race Registration closes on September 14 at 12 noon ET OR when all races have SOLD OUT.
Partial Refunds $50 Refunds will be given before September 1st. No Exceptions.

Race Participant's Age-Mt Bikers race age is as of 12/31 of race year. Runners age is what they are on race day.

Entrance Fee Includes-Breakfast Munchies, aid station food, Post Race Dinner, T shirt and festivities, and a few more surprises.

The Courses:
How will I follow the race routes?
The courses are marked with 5” bold black arrows on colored backgrounds. 50 Mile (Bike and Run) has SALMON (PINK) background. Strictly 50 Kilometer Run segments have ROBINS EGG BLUE background. (this is for 50K segments only; there will be no double marking). A large black W on orange background means Wrong Way, go back. A large black X on yellow background means something that merits your special attention such as a hole, ditch, drop-off, obstruction, etc. i.e. a hazard.

Please view this document VT 50 Race Trail Markers

How much of the 50 Km course is the same as the 50 Mile?
25.8 Miles are the same; The first 7, the last 18.3 and a one half mile piece in the middle.

Will the strictly 50 Km portions be marked differently from the 50 Mile?
Yes, the arrows will have a bright blue background. See trail markers above.

How many Biker Crew locations are there?
Three: Skunk Hollow, Greenall's and Johnson’s.
One Biker/One vehicle allowed on course. Note: in order to park at these three aid stations, the vehicle must have an official Parking Permit, which must be obtained at the Information Desk. No exceptions.You may only have contact with your crew at these three aid stations ONLY.

How many Runner Handler locations are there?
Three: Skunk Hollow, Greenall's and Johnson’s. One Runner/One vehicle allowed on course.
Note: in order to park at either, the vehicle must have an official Parking Permit, which must be obtained at the Information Desk. No exceptions. You may only have contact with your crew at these three aid stations ONLY.

Relay Teams are allowed ONE vehicle for all three team members and only one team member is allowed on course at any given time.

Spectators are allowed ONLY at the finish line our parking is limit and we need to accommodate our race participants.

What percentages of the courses are
              Gravel Rd./Trail or Jeep Rd./Pavement
50 Mile: 30%             67%                    3%
50 Km.: 37%             58%                    5%

Where do the courses start?
On the Ascutney Hotel approach road, near Cunningham Ski Barn about 100 yards from the check-in tent.

Are the courses hilly?
Yes! This is Vermont.

Are the trail sections rocky?
For the most part, no. There will be some roots, small rocks and ruts, so pay attention and pick up your feet.

Will the courses be muddy?
They can be. It depends on how much rain falls before race day, or on race day. Normally there isn't too much mud, but a couple of years there's been a whole lot of it.

Should I wear dedicated trail running shoes?
If you have them wear them, but you can get away with a sturdy training shoe.

Where do the courses go?
They wind around through four towns in roughly counter-clockwise loops, with plenty of zig-zagging throughout.

What is the total vertical for the races?
Mountain Bike and 50 Mile run = 8,900'
50 Km run = 5,600'

When do the races begin?
Bikers – In 5 min. increments from 6:00 to 6:25 a.m.
50 Mile Run – 6:30 a.m.
50 Km Run – 8:00 a.m.

What are the race cutoff times?
The race cut off time for everyone is 6:30 p.m.

Aid Station and Crew/Handler Questions:

Vermont 50 Aid Station List

Typical Food on Course

How many Runner Handler/Bike Crew aid stations are there? Three
Skunk Hollow, Greenall's and Johnson's.

Aid is allowed for both runners and bikes at these designated Aid Stations, ONLY.

No handler or crew access is allowed anywhere on the course except at the designated handler/crew stations. The 50 mile committee asks in order to protect our community relationships that all support vehicles for runners and bikers stay off the course and that includes all public roads except the designated routes to the designated handler stations.

Where do I park at the handler/crew stations?
Where the station signs and volunteer personnel direct you.

How do I get to the handler/crew aid stations, and how long will it take to get there?
This information is in the Handler/Crew Directions which will only be provided at Registration. This is to preclude the illegal pre-running/riding that some entrants insist on doing. The courses are strictly off-limits until race day. Our landowners grant us ONE DAY ONLY access to their properties. If we violate their generosity, we could lose our race.

Note: this is the same reason why course maps are not provided.

Am I allowed to assist my runner/biker at any other station or elsewhere along the course ?
NO! Doing so may disqualify your runner/biker. Race Officials will be watching.

What kind of energy drink will be provided at the aid stations?
Tailwind replacement drink

What kind of food will be provided at the aid stations?

The standard fare usually including chips, fruit, various candies, quartered boiled potatoes, cookies, soft drinks, turkey, cheese and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. The complete list is on the Aid Station Food list.

Can I get basic first aid supplies, such as band aids, at the aid stations?
Yes. Leuko-Tape will also be available.

Where can I get medical attention?
There will be EMT's on bikes on the course and Rescue Squad personnel and a physician at the Start/Finish area, they are on call and in communication with local ambulances should an emergency arise.

Can I get electrolyte caplets at the aid stations?
Yes, Salt Stick and Succeed S-Caps.

Can I get energy gels at the aid stations?
No. You are responsible for providing your own and are firmly reminded to carry any used foil packets to the next aid station for disposal.

Question About Relay Teams:
For the Relay, how does one get to the two exchange points?
Relay runners are responsible for getting themselves to the exchange points. Directions for getting to the individual exchange points will be available at the Information Desk.

Only one vehicle per team will be allowed, and it must have an official Parking Permit, which must be obtained at the Information Desk.


The second runner must get to The Skunk Hollow Tavern Handler Station at the 50 Mile course 12.3 mile point, in sufficient time to meet the first runner.

The third runner must get to the Greenall's Handler Station at the 50 Mile course 31.9 mile point, in sufficient time to meet the second runner.

Relay Mileage Breakdown
12.3 Miles Start to Skunk Hollow
19.0 Miles Skunk Hollow to Greenall's
18.7 Miles Greenall's to finish

Please visit our Relay Team Page for more information.

Spectator Viewing Question:
Is there Spectator viewing along the course?
Sorry, no. But Spectators are welcome at the finish line as our parking lots allow.

Drop Bag Questions:

At what Aid Stations can I have drop bags?
Aid Stations #3, 7, 10 for the 50 Mile
Aid Stations #2K, 7, 10 for the 50 Km.

Where do I drop them off on Saturday?
The bags must be turned in at the Information desk in the Registration Tent before 8 p.m. Saturday night. There they must be approved and accepted by the attendant. BAGS THAT ARE OVER-SIZED OR TOO HEAVY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED or delivered. No exceptions!

Please read Drop Bags 101 for size restrictions and detailed suggestions or review our Drop Bag sheet.

After the race where can I pick up my Drop Bags?
After the Aid Station closes, your drop bags will be loaded on a truck and returned to the Big Tent in Cunningham's Lot. There will be stakes with the Aid Station name on them near, or inside the Big Tent.  
NOTE-Drop bags are only returned AFTER an aid station closes.

General Questions:

When and where will the pre-race briefings be held?
5:30 a.m. for the 50 Mile Bikers and Runners
7:30 a.m. for the 50 K Runners
Location-BIG TENT Cunningham's Lot

What food will be served during the Weekend?
Please visit our Race Weekend Food Page for race weekend food details.

Should I carry a water bottle for the running races?
It is highly recommended. I wouldn’t dare run without it.

What will race officials be wearing? Bright T-shirts that say Race Official on the back.

Approximately how fast will the winners bike/run the races?
Bikers: Men - 4.5 hrs., Women - 5.5 hrs.
50 Milers: Men - 6 ¼ hrs., Women – 7 hrs.
50 K’ers: Men – 4 hrs., Women – 4.5 hrs.

Will there be showers after the race?
Yes, CLIMB Fitness is hosting showers for our race participants usually for $5 per person.
Please hose yourself (and bike0 off before entering the Fitness Center or any of the buildings on the mountain.

When and where is the pasta dinner Saturday evening?
The Pre-Race Pasta Dinner (not included in your registration fee) will be served from 5:00 – 8:30 p.m. at the Mountain View Ballroom, Windham Building, which is a short walk from the Main Registration Tent. $14.95 for adults, and $8.95 for children. Tickets on sale in the hotel lobby.

What food will be available following the races?
Coventry Catering will provide the post race meal for our participants. They will be serving from approx. 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m.. T

Can I purchase meal tickets for family, friends and spectators for the post race meal?
A limited number of meal tickets will be available for purchase for the post race meal.

Do we recycle at the Vermont 50?
Yes and your cooperation will make our recycling program a success. Clear bags for compost, yellow bags for recyclables and black for trash.

Weather Related Questions:

When is sunrise on race day? 6:44 a.m.
When is sunset on race day? 6:43 p.m.

How cool/cold will it be at the start of the races?
The temps could be in the high 30's or low 60's, but more likely to be in the 40's or 50's. It could also be quite foggy in the morning.

How warm will it get on race day?
It could be mid 40's or high 70's

Will it rain on race day?
It can, and has, but normally does not. Check the long-rang forecast for Brownsville, Vermont on-line, starting 10 days prior to race day.

What is VASS?
Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, which provides sports and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities. Your entry fee goes directly toward provision of these services.

Have a great run or ride, and please enjoy yourselves immensely!